She Can Handle Both

San Francisco Call, July 4, 1909

"I Can Handle Both, Says the Lady" was a slogan used in the run up to the women’s right to vote in California in 1911. An advertisement in the San Francisco Call promoted the recognition that women were capable of being both a mother and a voter. In her left hand, the woman holds a globe in front of an image of women seated at a flag-covered table and in her right hand, she holds a cradle in front of an image of a woman caring for a child in a cradle.

Women’s roles had evolved over time and they were no longer responsible for just the home. They were influencing their communities and society as a whole through their leadership, such as advocating for the rights of children, protecting animals from abuse, creating a just legal system, influencing liquor laws, etc. They had professional careers in teaching, as artists, writers, lawyers, doctors, etc.

Women could handle both the home and their responsibilities as citizens. But in order to exercise their duties as citizens they needed the right to vote.

This online exhibition celebrates the centennial of Women’s suffrage with particular emphasis on Santa Cruz County. Enjoy exploring this exhibition by clicking the links below.

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San Francisco Call, July 4, 1909